Now everyone can clean their roof from
snow. No need to climb on the roof and risk their life!

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Perma-Patch the inexpensive and permanent solution to the repair of potholes and utility cuts. Very little labor required. Perma-Patch will outlast hot asphalt. No mixing, No preparation, pour from bag right into hole. Compact with tamper, small plate compactor or just drive over. A single mix for year round use. Shelf life of 2 years in bag.

27,2 kg bag contains 0.0127 m3 of mix. When putting in Perma-Patch, the area should be fitted from the height of 1-2 cm. During the compaction the volume of the mix will decrease. 1 bag = 0,4 m2 6cm thickness of pavement.

25 € 23 €



Bitumix® is a cold repair asphalt mix. It is applied cold. Adhesive pre-coating of the surface and mix of the material is not necessary. It is ready to use, it is not dangerous and there is no need of any kind of preparation of the damaged surface. There is no material waste when used and it is applied without any special equipment or personnel. Repaired surfaces can open to traffic immediately.

Bitumix® is not affected by high or low temperatures, snow, frost or rain. It remains elastic for a long time after its application without causing problems in traffic. It does not crack by temperature affected contractions-expansions and it’s not damaged by car-tires. The material has strong resistance to low concentration acids and bases and is not affected by subsoil salts. It is attacked from petroleum solvents.

17 15,50 €


Snow remover "Lumehirm"

With a 5m pole (2*2,5m). The chassis and the pole is manufactured from a strong, but light-weight aluminium. Thanks to the strong chassis and pole, it works with melted and re-frozed snow.

149 € 129 €


Extra pole

Poles will go together thanks to the easy click-system.

39 € 35 €



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